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Help Educate A Child is a non-profit philanthropic organization based out of Bangalore.. We are working closely with the schools located in and around Male Mahadeshwara Hills (MM Hills), which is small town located in Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border, South India.

We came across an article titled “Trekking through forest to school”. Link to Newspaper Article: We were very eager to know the actual situation as why students were struggling, decided to explore the places around MM hills. We were shocked to discover that there was lack of minimum bare requirements in the school.

Help Educate A Child is currently focused on developing the schools in MM Hills. Help Educate A Child was formed to ensure that the schools in this region get at least the basic facilities and infrastructure to provide quality education.

Our goal is to facilitate the students to have a better environment in the schools, as part of it we started providing educational materials, and improving infrastructure as well. We are ready to go to the maximum possible extent to provide a better learning experience for the child.

We believe in empowering and bringing permanent change in the lives of these children and the people living in Tholasikere, Indiganatha, Padasulanatha and Nagamale.

We are on a journey to create a world in which all children can pursue quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community, nation and humanity as a whole. We look forward to your helping hands joining us in this effort.

Our Belief

  • Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is even more powerful.
  • Education is the only thing that can help one to be independent. It can empower, help, guide you to attain success and strength in life.
  • Through education comes faith in one’s own Self, and through faith in one’s own Self you can achieve anything.


Create as many happy, healthy, independent individuals


Reach out to the under privileged children with education, transform their life by bring in permanent change and thereby contribute to a child’s growth.

About MM Hills

Male Mahadeshwara Hills (pronounced Ma-ley, Ma-ha-desh-wara Hills), is popularly known as MM Hills. Located in the the Kollegal Taluq of Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, at an altitude of 3000 feet. MM Hills is surrounded by 77 hills (Eastern Ghats). River Kaveri flows on the north east of MM Hills and the river Palar to the South.

One has to cross seven hills to reach Male Mahadeshwara temple a famous Shaivite pilgrimage destination. MM Hills is 210 kms drive from Bangalore and 140 km from Mysore.

The road access to the School ends in MM Hills. If one has to go to any of the schools which we support they will have to take a one-hour roller coaster ride in a 4 wheel drive jeeps along narrow, rocky, steep mud road to reach the tribal villages. The schools which we support are located in the following villages Anehola, Doddane, Gorsane, Haleyuru, Keeranahola, Kokkabere, Indiganatha, Nagamale, Padasulanatha, Palar, Pudur, Thokere, Thulasikere.

Most of the villages in and around MM hills are not accessible by road, no basic requirements like drinking water or health care facilities are provided. The villagers use donkeys as the mode for transportation for household goods.

  • Tulsikare – 8km plus
  • Indiganatha – 10km plus
  • Nagamale – 13km plus
  • Padasulanatha – 15km plus
  • Anehola
  • Doddane
  • Gorsane
  • Haleyuru
  • Keeranahola
  • Kokkabere
  • Palar
  • Pudur
  • Thokere

Eye opening facts about the villages Padasulanatha, Nagamale, Tulsikare and Indiginatha

  • No electricity in these interior tribal villages – Padasulanatha, Tulsikare and Indiginatha.
  • One cannot predict when it rains in this village which has led to scarcity of water for agriculture.
  • Healthcare facilities are absolutely zero.
  • Donkeys and 4 wheel jeeps are the only mode of transportation to the villages.
  • Ragi and Avare are the agricultural crops that can be grown here as there is scarcity of water.
  • Women’s help their family by getting revenue by selling firewood.
  • Population is scattered and these villages are still under the governance of the forest department.
  • The Government funded schools do not provide facilities beyond 8th Class. There are four government schools in this region and each school has just one teacher.
  • Even though there are government schools in these villages they are ill equipped. The Government pays the teachers’ salaries and provides mid-day meals for the students. Mid-day meals scheme is one major factor that ensures these children attend school daily.

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