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Insightful visit to a government primary school at Indiganatha, Kollegala taluq. Nestled within 7 hills, accessible by special jeeps that can negotiate the rocks, boulders and the mud paths called roads, two hours away from Kollegala, this school has 123 kids who are the first generation school goers. The two teachers here are the greater stars – for their commitment to reach education to these deprived children, living on the premises for 5 days a week with very basic amenities – no electricity and piped water, amidst the fear of wild animals – they have been revolutionaries in their own right. No words to describe their dedication and sincerity towards the noble profession of teaching. The spirit of the kids here is the testimony to the extraordinary work of these two teachers. Hats off !!

The superstar teachers and the two lady cooks – what an amazing team. This is real social transformation !

The second school that I visited at Tulasikere was equally inspiring. Headmaster Umesh described how these solar lamps motivate kids to come back to school every day. Donated by philanthropists, these solar lamps help kids study once back home, since the entire area has no electricity (no power lines have ever been provided as the political excuse is that these areas are forests and hence cannot be electrified). The solar lamps are charged every morning at the school which is equipped with solar powered chargers. A Solar powered water pump supplies sufficient running water and the toilets are clean. While the work of philanthropists is to be admired, there are very solid lessons to be learnt by our netas ! 126 kids at this primary school with two teachers. They said that attendance and admissions are growing by the years.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way !

- Maya Chandra


Prayaas is a volunteer group formed by the employees of Mu Sigma with an objective of helping/take part in social or public cause.

In 2012 around mid-June our IT department approached Prayaas with an intention of giving away some bags which was in excess. We started looking for NGO’s who can make the best use of bags, it was then I got to meet Help Educate A Child Team “The amazing organization responsible for all the work in MM Hills of which we are a small part”. Help Educate Team shared their experiences of how they started ‘Help Educate A Child’, the road blocks and many more memories with the village people. In no second thought I confirmed to HEAC Team that I would accompany them to distribute the bags to school students which HEAC was working with.

The long bumpy ride explained the remote location of these schools and the distance the villagers need to go through to obtain their bare necessities. What we reached was to a beautiful setting of a valley and spacious school grounds with children very neatly dressed and seated along with the teachers, parents and other villagers eagerly awaiting our arrival. It was evident from the highly festive atmosphere that the visit was of high importance to them.

I was wondering what drives these kids to school. And I got to know that children were driven to schools for two reasons: Mid-day meal and charging the solar lamps (provided through ‘Help Educate A Child’). For the entire duration when children are in school, batteries get charged which they later use at night to generate electricity.

By this time I was intrigued by the question – What else can Mu Sigma do? Water used for preparing mid-day meals needs to be manually fetched from a deep step well. To reach the deep well the ladies who prepare the meal walk downhill to get to these wells. This whole exercise is a very tedious process. This is where Mu Sigma felt the need of making their lives simpler by installing water pumps. In each of these schools water pumps powered by solar panels have been installed.

“For someone who is nestled in the safe haven of office (however long!) and home with occasional outings to malls or restaurants, this was too big a world hidden. Scratch that. It’s not hidden. Just that it is too REAL a world one would dare to venture into!”

- Yuvaraj (Mu Sigma)


‘Help Educate a Child’ is an organisation with a rare aim. The under signed is a member of SODWAC (Society for the Development of Women and Children) has been in contract since 2014. I have been motivated and in deep appreciation about the way this organisation has headed by Mrs. Nanda, functioning and well-planned and execution superb. The active members take pain in collecting the materials, sorting, packing, transportation and distributing to the most needy people of the society, school students, staff members – with special reference to the challenged students of M. M Hills.

The organisation has taken pains to improve strength of the students in the schools by providing solar lamps, free distribution of study materials, medical camps and so on to the students. Also, arranges various programmes –academic, general, personality development to the students of various schools in and around M.M Hills.

This organisation arranges medical camps covering the entire society. The people welcome the members with extreme happiness.

I whole-heartedly wish the members for their best of health and contentment for their still more selfless service to the society in future – for decades.

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