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What we do

Help Educate A Child ensures that the schools are well equipped with the minimum requirement to foster the learning experience of a child. We provide educational materials, uniforms, shoes, books, toys etc. We have also funded the schools to improve the infrastructure. Today the schools are fenced by barbed wire to prevent wild animals entering the school compound. We have also appointed teachers’ aides to teach children as there is a shortage of Govt. appointed teachers in the area.

In a nut shell we facilitate the educational environment in the government schools.

One of our biggest challenges was to provide electricity power in the schools as there is no power in three schools out of the four.

Each student of the school was provided with a solar lantern which can light for 4-5 hours on a complete charge. The charging station for solar lanterns was installed in the school (solar panels fixed on top of the existing school building). The children get their battery pack to schools to get them charged which in directly prompts the students to attend the school.

We have appointed 6 teachers aides to help the teachers in the schools.

One of the major challenges in the schools was to fetch water for cooking meals for lunch from the existing wells. Help Educate A Child with the help of Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd installed solar water pumps through which water was made to pump to schools directly.

Help Educate A Child puts in its best efforts to improve the living standards of a child by promoting education. Our team consults the teachers and villagers to gather requirements for the betterment of schools. We constantly follow up and stay in touch with the teachers of the school to find out the progress of the students.

It is very rare for children in these schools to pursue higher education. The Government schools have facilities only to complete up to 5th or 7th grade only. The children have to travel to MM Hills for pursuing higher education which is the biggest challenge for many children as parents don’t wish to send their children far to study further especially the girls.

HEAC has been supporting about 7 students to pursue their higher studies. The children we are sponsoring currently are studying from 8th standard to B.Com.

What we wish to do during the coming year:

1. Continue providing notebooks to all children – notebooks and accessories were delivered to all the 21 schools during Feb/2018 at a cost of Rs. 4.28 lakhs.

2. Increase the number of teachers aides in the schools.

3. Increase the number of individual students we support for their higher studies.

4. We are exploring the feasibility of installing solar power batteries in the schools to run at least 1 or 2 desktops, so we can open computer centers in at least 2-3 more schools where there is no power.

What We Did

HELP EDUCATE A CHILD – registered in 2010, is an NGO which has supported students and schools in remote areas situated within 35 kms. radius of Male Mahadeshwara Temple (located in Chamarajanagar Dist).

We started working with 4 schools, and are currently supporting 21 schools, 1600+ children. These are very backward areas where there is no power, water in the schools, or any other basic amenities. Parents could not afford to buy notebooks for the children, hence they did not send the children to school in many cases. Due to the road conditions (as there are no roads at all, only pathways on boulders) we can travel to only some of the schools by rural jeeps, and the rest of the schools can be accessed only by walking to them, many times, more them more than 6-7 kms. One way.

Some activities of Help Educate A Child over the years:

1. Provide notebooks, and other required stationary requirements for 21 schools/8 anganwadis, i.e. to about 1600+ children. – notebooks and accessories were delivered to all the 21 schools during Feb/2018 for the coming academic year, at a cost of Rs. 4.28 lakhs.

2. Have installed solar lamp facility in Thulasikere, Indiganatha, Padasulanatha, Thokere and Doddane schools, benefitting 405 children.

3. Have installed solar pumps in Thulasikere, Indiganatha, Padasulanatha, Doddane & Alambadi schools, so that 440 children have water in the schools.

4. Supporting 8 individual students with their education. One of them, whom we started supporting from his SSLC, is completed his MBA in a college outside of Bangalore, and is doing his project work now.

5. Have appointed 6 teachers aides to help teachers to teach the children, as there is a shortage of Govt. Appointed teachers in these areas.

6. Computer center started in Gorsane School – a teacher has been appointed to come and teach the children how to use the systems.

7. Conduct educational/medical and dental camps. One of the highlights was a lecture by Dr. Rao, a retired ISRO Scientist, who introduced the children to the Indian Space Research Organisation.

8. Other things provided to schools: Uniform cloth, toothbrush/toothpaste, shoes, school bags, sports items, furniture.

9. With an intent to get the children interested in reading, mini-libraries have been opened in 21 schools. As there was no specific area to store the library books, metal racks have been provided to the schools to place the library books, and have a designated library area.

10. We recognise children who have achieved highest marks in their classes/schools each year.

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