• What does Help Educate A Child do?

    Help Educate A Child was established to target problems of pre-primary and primary education in the rural suburbs of India. Over time we have reached few of these kids with all possible resources we could. Various issues of low learning levels, high drop-out rates, child rights, lack of basic amenities have been addressed by the organization in more than 20 years of existence.

  • What is Help Educate A Child’s goal?

    Help Educate A Child works with the mission of 'Vidya Dadaati Vinayam.', meaning “Knowledge Leads to Happiness”. The organization's broad goal is to provide equal opportunities of education to the kids in the most underdeveloped areas and bring the talented ones to the forefront. By doing this we want to break the chain of illiteracy that is carried over generations subsequently pulling out these poor people out of the pangs of poverty.

  • What are our programmes ?

    Help Educate A Child’s flagship programme, Lending a Helping Hand Towards a Noble Cause , aims to improve reading, writing, and serve them with basic amenities like uniforms, shoes, plates, glasses for children between 6-14 years. The program also sponsors talented kids for higher education. We have also stationed our teachers right in the heart of the suburban areas, who ensure that all needs are communicated and fulfilled on priority.

  • What percentage of donations goes directly to the programmes in India?

    Help Educate A Child utilizes utilizes minimal revenue on fundraising and administrative expenses with most of it directly utilized for our programmes.

  • Why should YOU support Help Educate ?

    Help Educate A Child is the first major organization of its kind to reach the kids of MM Hills in a deep neglected area. The area is infested with kids who sleep on an empty stomach and most importantly that has continued since generation. The chain of poverty will continue if we do not make an effort today. Thus we want to make a change through educating the kids in 6-15 year age groups and further fund the higher education of talented and deserving kids.

  • How can you support Help Educate A Child?

    Help Educate A Child’s efforts can be sponsored in several ways – you can volunteer with us, start a new chapter, spread awareness, or most significantly make a contribution.

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